Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Jobs Albania consists in the delivery of a FREE 12-week Online Training and Mentorship Program that aims to provide young Albanian Women with the right technical and marketable skills to work as freelancers online and tap into the potential of being part of the global market.  

The 3 courses included in the training consist in 1) Digital Marketing 2) Graphic Design and 3) Web Development. Each student will be trained on one of these specific fields of their choice by experienced Trainers in the sector. Assistance will be provided to them on a daily basis by the project facilitators while they will also receive Mentorship assistance during the course timeline on how to apply for their first online jobs and kick-start their freelance career. The whole training and mentorship program will be delivered by a mix of both English and Albanian language.

The initiative is powered by the World Bank Group and jointly implemented by Coderstrust and EuroPartners Development.

Digital Jobs Albania is aimed for young Albanian women aged 16 to 35 years old, currently living in Albania and not in a stable full-time employment.

The successful applicants to be selected for the training will need to have good knowledge of the English Language, a Laptop or Desktop computer at their disposal with reliable internet connection, all of which are very important for the successful delivery of the training.  

Only the women meeting the above conditions and that are eager to use this opportunity to invest in their future careers will be selected to be part of the training program!

  • Higher flexibility and independence – You can work from anywhere you want and on your own time schedule! You only need reliable access to computer and internet connection.
  • Freedom of clients and workload – You have the opportunity to choose the clients and projects you want to work with as well as control your workload.
  • Higher income opportunities – While the average hourly work rate in Albania is $3, a Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer and Web Developer with moderate skills make from $27 to $35 on hour on average
  • Access to Global Market – You can deliver your services not only locally or nationally but globally, which will enable you to build an international career and pay grade from the comfort of your own home!
  • Higher Exposure – Online freelance work offers the opportunity to work on a high variety of projects and topics, making your job less redundant and boring, which might not always be the case when working at an ‘office job’. This also provides you with more expertise in the long run in various industries and career areas which can provide you higher exposure towards future employers.
  • Can always be your plan B – If you decide that your main interest is working full time in an office environment, online freelance work will still be there as an option for you to acquire additional earnings whenever you feel the need or have the time. If you build a good initial portfolio of work, it will always be a good back up plan in your life!

The application for this training program will be implemented in a 2-step screening process. 

Step 1. You are initially invited to Apply to the training program through the following this link 

This initial application will provide a preliminary screening of interested applicants in order to verify compliance with the general project criteria explained above in Q2


Step 2. Interested applicants that will successfully pass the preliminary screening process will be invited to sign up to the Coderstrust online platform for a “one-week trial period” consisting of small lectures and mini-assignments within the selected technical tracks, freelancing and soft skills modules. Potential students will be able to receive online support and guidance from the mentors during the trial period as well as will have the opportunity to get more acquainted with the program’s expectations, organization, as well as specifications for each technical track.

At the end of the trial period interested applicants will be able to complete a trial assignment which will serve as the basis for the final screening of the successful candidates that will become part of the training and mentorship program.


Only those applicants that complete the 2-step process with the successful finalization of the trial assignment will be invited to be part of this training program. 

Each one of the 3 tracks will have 4 starting dates of the training program (4 different groups) that will last for 12 weeks in total.


  • 1st group  - Early November to end of January
  • 2nd group - Early December to end of February
  • 3rd group - Early January to end of March
  • 4th group - Early February to end of April 

Interested applicants are recommended to start applying right away and not leave their applications for the last training dates where most of the applications are foreseen to be received, making competition stronger and securing a place in the program more difficult! 

The training will be delivered entirely online in the Coderstrust Academy Platform through a blended learning model, which combines self-paced training with online support through technical mentors, including seminars, workshops and networking sessions. Each course will include around 80 hours of self-paced learning and 40 hours of online group classroom training. The language of the training delivery will be a mix of English and Albanian language.

The learning curriculum is divided into modules, which are dedicated to different parts of the learning path. Within each Module, there are several lessons, each consisting of content, videos or coding challenges, and assignments. Each module is completed by submitting an assessment task based on the curriculum learnings to evaluate the knowledge obtained. Full information on the modules for each course can be found in this link https://www.digitaljobsalbania.com/courses/  

The earning part of the program will focus on employability from the very first week through online lectures, workshops and individual support and kick start their presence in the online freelance marketplaces. Students will be encouraged to begin searching for their first jobs after completing the first month of training while being assisted by Mentors and Career Advisors in the completion of their first job assignments, validating the quality of their work, and supporting them in the search and bidding process.

At the end of the training a final examination of program participants will be conducted. Those trainees demonstrating regular participation as well as proficiency in the core marketable skills during the final examination will be awarded a training certification by the training provider. The successfully certified students and their profiles will also be displayed in a dedicated graduate profile at the official website of Digital Jobs Albania.

The course will be delivered entirely online through 80 hours of self-paced learning and 40 hours mentor led – in class hours.

All three courses part of the training program will be provided for free.

The language of the training delivery will be a mix of English and Albanian language. The main aim is to equip students with the right skills for them to be able to work and communicate in the English language in the freelance global market.

Due to the large amount of interest for the project and a limited number of places, each successful applicant may receive training on only one of the courses! Therefore, we recommend you to choose only the course you are most interested in! Thank you!

No. Having access to a Laptop or Desktop Computer is one of the KEY requisites of the program. The training involves working with several sophisticated programs to conduct training exercises where the student assignments cannot be completed on smartphones and tablets. Moreover, the training program aims to equip participants with the skills and tools to work on the online freelance market, where customers demand creativity and productivity and where work will be only performed via computers.

During the 12 weeks (3 months) duration of the entire training, the students will need to be engaged for a minimum of 120 hours in total (80 hours self-paced and 40 hours in live mentor led classes). This translates into a minimum engagement of 10 hours per week between self-paced and mentor led classes.

During the second phase of the application process, applicants will have the opportunity to indicate their preference regarding the training hours. This will help divide them in the respective groups based on the indicated time preference

We encourage all girls and women who fit into the main project criteria explained in Q2 and want to explore digital freelance work to be part of the training program! Previous knowledge on the related tracks is not required. It is never too late to learn new skills and change your career. As long as you have the desire and will to follow through, you can get what you want! 

Unfortunately, you can only go back and forth to the self-paced sessions. The live training session will only be held once per topic, so that is why we recommend full attendance to everyone in order to not miss the chance for engaging in all topics and get certified at the end of the training. Mentors will keep track of each student’s attendance.

Unfortunately, the course will not be provided on weekends but mentor led classes will be provided during the week days and are mandatory to participate in! The training program is reserved only to women and girls of 16-35 years old who are not engaged in full time employment therefore they should have the required free time and be able to follow the training properly.

At the end of the training a final examination of program participants will be conducted. Those trainees demonstrating regular participation as well as proficiency in the required skills during the final examination will be awarded a course completion certificate by the training provider. The successfully certified students and their profiles will also be displayed in a dedicated graduate profile at the official website of Digital Jobs Albania. 

You can freely choose from either of the 3 programs, however we might not be able to accommodate your request due a high number of applicants.

We understand that your situation can change but we do wish to underline that we select the most qualified and motivated candidates. If a candidate drops out, we cannot offer the scholarship to another woman due to the tight program. We therefore kindly urge that IF you get selected that you take it as a UNIQUE opportunity and complete the program and get certified.

You need to be 16 at the time of application, but feel free to apply in January 2022 for the batches starting in Feb/March 2022.

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