Digital Jobs Albania – A new pathway to empowering women in Albania

Digital Jobs Albania is a World Bank Group initiative jointly implemented by Coderstrust and EuroPartners Development, with the objective to provide young Albanian women (aged 16 to 35) with mentored access to online work opportunities through freelancing and bring them one step closer to the global economy. The program delivers three months of free online training and mentorship in the following digital skills  – Digital Marketing, Graphic Design, and Web Development – to equip participants with the digital and soft skills needed to earn income on some of the top online freelancer websites such as Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and People per Hour.

The requirements to qualify for the program are very simple – female students,  between the ages of 16 – 35 with a basic understanding of English and high-speed internet and access to a computer. Once selected, the students will start learning for free through the Coderstrust Academy online learning platform. The aim of the program is to provide Albanian young women with digital and soft skills training alongside mentorship from highly experienced mentors and facilitators. In the meantime, they will be encouraged to take on online freelancing jobs to kickstart their earnings throughout the duration of the training. 

After the training is completed, students will receive a final diploma to certify the successful completion of the program. Moreover, their profiles will be promoted on the Digital Jobs Albania platform and they will be connected to experts in the ICT field.

Such online freelancing work can play a crucial role in narrowing the gender pay gap (men earn 6.6% higher than women in Albania) and the labor force participation for women (18.8% of women are doing unpaid jobs at home while 20.9% are attending school). It also provides an added benefit of flexible work hours and the ability for women to work from the comfort of their homes and gain financial independence. 

To learn more about the Digital Jobs Albania initiative and how to participate in it, please visit: www.digitaljobsalbania.com